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Stronghold Kingdoms

Set in realtime middle ages Europe, your quest is to build and expand your empire, take part in epic battles against other factions, and strive to rule the land...
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Stronghold Kingdoms Description

Set in realtime middle ages Europe, your quest is to build and expand your empire, take part in epic battles against other factions, and strive to rule the land...


Go back to medieval times in this exciting real-time strategy MMOG. Stronghold Kingdoms summons you to build sprawling villages and fortresses and grow an expansive and powerful army to both defend your territory as well as conquer other villages.

Choosing the location of your fort in Stronghold Kingdoms is crucial to the success of your settlement. Will you reside by the water, in the mountains or on the land? The fate of your settlement is in your hands! Strategically build huge castles and structures to protect against enemy factions using your skills. Analyse your enemies and scour for weaknesses in opponents' castles to attack. Gallantly pillage your opponents' food and resources to increase your own supply. At Stronghold Kingdoms, success comes with the chance to rise through the ranks from everyday farmer to noble Lord, and possibly even the almighty King.

Become a specialist in Stronghold Kingdoms in a number of research fields – be it trading, fighting, farming, spying and more. Your skills can turn your small village into a colossal empire. To avoid shortages in your settlement, use your economic skills to manage the supply of wood, food and stone as well as looking after the costs of running your community and fortress in this medieval world. Wood and stone are used to craft special weapons, so it is very important you keep supply full!

With a fully interactive and zoomable map, Stronghold Kingdoms makes for a great mixture of real-time and strategic gaming. Create your dream kingdom and wage war on your neighbours in your bid to rule medieval Europe. Strengthen your army, build your empire and strive to ascend to throne as the mighty King!

by Kyle Hayth

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